Concert Music

Vocal Music
Songs of Sensibility (2014) for mezzo soprano and guitar, commissioned by Ruth Carver and Brendan Bondurant, 12′
1. Sonnet 116
Seasons (2011) for SSA choir and optional percussion, 7′
Spirit (2010) for SATB choir, 5′
Three Love Songs (2009) for soprano and string quartet, 6′
1. Enough
On the Beach at Night (2008) for baritone and piano, 6′
The Last Invocation: a song cycle on the poetry of Walt Whitman (2008) for baritone and chamber ensemble/baritone and piano, 13′

Chamber Music
Pecan Pie (2011) for saxophone quartet, 3′
Theory (2011) for jazz chamber group, written for the Black House Collective, 4′
Anseriformes (2011) for brass quintet, 3′
Knochenmüle (2011) for string quartet, 3′
Lost and Found (2011) structured improv for various instruments, 8’

Large Works
Fit to Live (2014) a flexible form concerto for trumpet and wind ensemble, written for Gabriel DiMartino, 7′-20′
Dither (2011) for grade 3 band, 3′
To Catch a Beast (2010) for soprano and orchestra, 13′
Vault (2009) for orchestra, 1′

Theatrical Works/Collaborations
How the Camel Got His Hump (2012) a fable for young audiences, 35′
Scene 4: The Djinn’s Entrance
The Donnie and Darla Show (co-written with Gregory Gagnon and Jessica Salley, 2011)
a country & western musical play, 30′
Jerome in Space (2007) a tale for tuba, percussion ensemble, and narrator